Nancy Lopez on Podcast

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Posted:  June 8, 2020

lopez_nancyDr. Nancy Lopez was interviewed on ESPEJOS de AZTLÁN, a radio show focused on Latino/Hispano interests

Mon. 6/8, 7p: Today, on Espejos de Aztlán we have a conversation with Prof. Nancy López hosted by Cristina Baccin regarding the brutality and cruelty of police officers in the murder of Mr. George Floyd.  We will discuss how this tragic incident is related with our nation’s history of slavery, intentional segregation and institutionalized racism.  

Dr. Nancy López, Professor of Sociology is the Director of the Institute for Study of “Race” and Social Justice and an Africana Studies Faculty Affiliate at the University of New Mexico.

We will also talk about steps each of us can take to build and establish a just society and secure everyone’s human rights, especially in New Mexico.

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