Justice & the Problem of Small Numbers

Justice & the Problem of Small Numbers [article image]

When: Fri, Apr 23 2021 1:00pm - Fri, Apr 23 2021 2:30pm 

Where: Online

The Black Faculty Truth Commission Working Group and UNM Division for Equity and Inclusion are hosting “Truth Telling: Justice and the Problem of Small Numbers”. As you may remember, in May 2020, the BFA, DEI, and partners hosted the *UNM Town hall to address Anti-Blackness. As a result of our discussion there, our working groups created:

  1. Guidelines for Preventing and Confronting Trolling and Doxing Attacks Against Scholars
  2. A process for the Black Faculty Truth Commission (BFTC). The upcoming panel discussion is the first public event emanating from BFTC working group’s efforts.

As noted in the attached description, “Small numbers” (meaning the very few Black faculty teaching at UNM currently and historically) creates a problem for truth telling because once such faculty members share their experiences, even if in a confidential survey, they may become vulnerable. They could be easily identifiable because they are the first or only person of African descent in their department or college, and thus protecting their confidentiality produces unique challenges. Finally, Black faculty members who are brave enough to identify perpetrators may be further harmed by retaliation.

On the basis of research in restorative justice, the panelists will provide recommendations for how to balance the need to protect the privacy of Black faculty who wish to share their stories, and collecting systematic data that could inform the design of institution-level redress of harms.

Panelists include Dean Emeritus Alfred Mathewson, Dr. Kathy Powers, and Dr. Assata Zerai. 

A description of the event and the flyer are attached. We will provide a preview to the event at the Black Faculty Alliance meeting on Monday at 11am. Hope to see you there and hope to see you April 23rd.

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