Stand for the Project for New Mexico Graduates of Color SFRB Hearing

When: Sun, Sep 23 2018 1:00pm - Sun, Sep 23 2018 2:00pm 

Where: UNM SUB (Santa Ana A & B)

A note from Andrea Abeita, COE LLSS GSA President:

Please join us by attending a vitally important meeting this Sunday Sept. 23 at 1pm in the student union building (Santa Ana A and B) to support the Project for New Mexico Graduates of Color (PNMGC).

This meeting is incredibly important and can potentially determine the continuing existence of PNMGC and the important mentoring, training, and scholarship opportunities for all the students in the College of Education that they provide.

If you have been a part of this amazing program, please add your voice to the meeting by sharing your wonderful experience. If you are just a concerned student that wants to make sure that opportunities and support groups and services remain accessible to our students, then please share your voice at this meeting. If you are a person that is concerned with the dwindling resources allocated for marginalized student groups on campus, then please voice your concerns at this meetings. If you would simply like to support your fellow graduate students, please attend and speak at this meeting.

Our collective voice is powerful and we need to keep PNMGC fully funded and continuing their amazing work. I’m so excited to be newly matched through this program. Thank you to the amazing staff and all they do. Please join me and your fellow COE GSLA and LLSS GSA officers at this important meeting.