PUERTO RICO: Defying Darkness

PUERTO RICO: Defying Darkness [article image]

When: Sat, Aug 11 2018 12:00am - Sat, Oct 20 2018 12:00am 

Where: 516 ARTS, 516 Central Ave. SW, Downtown Albuquerque

Puerto Rico: Defying Darkness presents the works of several artists living and working on the island and in the diaspora. Through various media including painting, sculpture, photography and installation, the artists engage with issues of climate justice and disaster, continued colonialism and economic crisis. They also represent and celebrate the strong artistic traditions that have made Puerto Rico one of the most creatively vibrant places in the world. There is a sense of urgency in many of the new works included as artists negotiate their role in facing the challenges of recovery in the aftermath of hurricane Maria.

Link: 516 Arts