(LOCAL) NACCS XLVI: Indigenous Knowledge for Resistance, Love, and Land: Lecciones for our Children, for our Future

When: Wed, Apr 03 2019 12:00am - Sun, Apr 07 2019 12:00am 

April 3-7, 2019— Join us for the 46th annual NACCS conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

The “education” of children and youth has been a key tool of the colonization process, and Indigenous knowledge has been crucial in our abilities to resist and reclaim a loving space for our children and youth. We invite you to explore the relationships between Indigenous Knowledge and educational practices at the K-12 level, as well as community and institutional programs for children and youth, and finally more broadly at the post-secondary level. Chicana/o/x studies has focused on using knowledge and educational practices for social justice and self-awareness. As it has become clear that Western knowledge is leading us to the destruction of an earth that is capable of sustaining us, Indigenous knowledge is not only healing, but essential to our survival.

Whose land are you inhabiting? What education has been provided for you - or denied to you - about the traditional peoples of that land, and any outstanding land claims? Maybe you feel very connected to Indigenous peoples and knowledge. Maybe you identify as Indigenous, maybe as settler, maybe as both - simultaneously. Maybe the relationships were kept hidden from you. We invite you to consider the ways in which Indigenous knowledge informs your lives and work as Chicana/o/x/ Latina/o/x scholars, educators, students, artists, and community members. We ask you to think carefully about the differences between respectful sharing of Indigenous knowledge versus appropriation. Do you draw upon Indigenous authors to guide your research practices, to inform your writing, to enrich your classrooms? We invite you to offer your insights, experience and practice in incorporating Indigenous knowledge into your work.

As an organization that promotes student mentoring and building our pipeline of Chicana and Chicano scholars, no membership is required to submit a  proposal. But if the proposal is accepted membership to the organization and register for the conference is required. Undergraduate membership is $30; Graduate $40. Registration for students last year was $130.

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