Institute for the Study of "Race" and Social Justice General Meeting

When: Wed, Oct 19 2022 12:00pm - Wed, Oct 19 2022 1:00pm 

Where: Honors Forum, 1st Floor, UNM Honors College, Bldg. #76, UNM Main Campus





Invited Speakers: Professors Marc-Tizoc González (Law); Assata Zerai, VP Equity & Inclusion (Sociology); Diane Torres Velásquez (Education) and Farah Nousheen, Director, Asian American Pacific Islander Resource Center, The University of New Mexico (UNM)

Topic: How can we work toward decolonizing the university and educational institutions in NM and beyond?



(Physical Address: 1924 Las Lomas Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106)

Pizza & Salad Provided. Bring your own Beverage. Everyone is welcome. No RSVP required.

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  1. Introductions; Approval of the Agenda; Indigenous Territorial Acknowledgement & Labor Acknowledgment: IN CHAT: What one or two words or images come to mind when you think about the historic and contemporary struggles to decolonize the university and educational institutions for posterity?  Please don’t forget to sign in.
  2. Updates:
    1. National Science Foundation (NSF) grant Hispanic Serving Institutions Intersectionality Community of Practice for Student Success (HSI-ICPSS) Kick Off Virtual Lecture Series Wed. 11/16/22@10am-1pmMDT, Dr. Yasmiyn Irizarry, Associate Professor, UT-Austin and Dr. AJ Alvero, Assistant Professor, University of Florida (flyer forthcoming, click “events”; Lecture series continues Spring 2023); NSF $3 million data hub application on Intersectionality in partnership with The City University of New York will be submitted 12/15/22.
    2. Grand Challenge-Housing Justice Visioning Session held 9/22/22; More info forthcoming.
    3. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) will soon issue a request for comments impact federal standards for race & ethnicity guidelines for the country; listening sessions underway.
    4. Seeking funding for Policy Relevant Research for Impact: Color of Wealth Study in Albuquerque metro area: Potential partners could be New School Center on Race, Power and Political Economy, City of Albuquerque, Federal Reserve and others. For example of other color of wealth study that is part of national score card visit:
    5. Scholarships for Race and Social Justice Certificate students (undergrad, graduate-open to community in progress; Visit giving page: We have over 60 enrolled students (grad/undergrad)!!!
    6. Teaching Race and Social Justice Courses? Send undergrad/grad syllabus to with syllabi checklist available at, click “certificate.”
  3. Election Day! Remembering our ancestors’ struggles and sacrifices. Please vote!
  4. CONVERSATION TOPIC: Decolonizing the university and educational institutions in NM & beyond?

Speakers: Opening remarks 5-7 min followed by 30 min of discussion. Speakers will share examples of how the have used their spheres of influence to engage in enduring institutional transformations that contribute to decolonizing the university and educational institutions in NM & beyond.

Imagine its 2042. Twenty years from now, how would we know that we have been successful in working toward decolonizing the university?

  1. How would resources be reallocated? What would that feel and look like?
  2. What are the implications for faculty, staff hiring and administration?
  3. What about undergraduate and graduate student admissions?
  4. What would transformative and integrated curriculum, research and scholarship and community engagement look like?
  5. What 1-2 short and long term action items that you have engaged in or that you will pursue in your spheres of influence to contribute to this vision?


  1. 10/10/22: Indigenous Peoples Day! How do we practice solidarity all the time?
  2. 10/18/22: Best Consideration for Job Opportunity: Two UNM Sociology Postdoctoral Fellowships, funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant #79072 to the Institute for the Study of “Race” & Social Time New Roman Justice Grant entitled, “Employing an Intersectionality Framework in Revising Office of Management and Budget Standards for Collecting Administrative Race and Ethnicity Data,” More Info Visit UNM Jobs: “
  3. 10/26/22-10/28/22: Critical Race Studies in Education Hybrid Conference, “Addressing AntiBlackness: Revolution Planning for the Future,” Edwardsville, IL. More info:
  4. 1/24/23: Inclusive Excellence Postdoctoral Fellowships Nominations by UNM Departments. More info:
  5. UNM Undergraduate interested in Graduate Studies in Racial Equity Summer Fellowship and Mentoring Opportunity in Research Institute for Scholars of Equity (RISE) at North Carolina Central University, $6,000 stipend. Deadline forthcoming in February 2023. Seven UNM undergraduate students have participated in the past and many are in graduate programs.
  6. 10/13/22-10/16/22: Association of Black Sociologists in Chicago, IL, “In Service to the City”, More info:
  7. 11/3/22-11/5/22: Association of Black Cultural Centers Conference, “Cultural Centers as the Oasis,” UNM SUB, Keynote: Ibram Kendi, PhD; More info:
  8. 11/3/22-11/5/22: Ethnic Studies Association Conference in Los Angeles, CA, 50th anniversary, More info:
  9. 11/5/22: Indigenous Curriculum Conference, 8:30-3pm, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, RSVP required. More Info:
  10. 11/10/22-11/11/22: UNM Diversity Summit Virtual, Building Systems for Greater Justice, Equity, Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion (JEADI) – More info:
  11. 11/17/22-11/19/22: Facing Race: A National Conference, Phoenix, AZ, More info:
  12. 1/12/23-1/15/23: Sociologists for Women in Society Winter Meeting, New Orleans, LA, “Rethinking Feminist Sociologies in the Era of Global Pandemics”  More info:
  13. 2/16/22-2/18/22 Joint National Conference: National Association of African American Studies; National Association of Hispanic and Latino Studies; National Association of Native American Studies; International Association of Asian Studies, Arlington, TX, more info:
  14. 3/22/23-3/25/23: National Council for Black Studies Conference, Gainesville, FL, “Reparations, Resilience, and Restorative Justice: Commemorating the Centennial of the Rosewood Massacre of 1923,” More info:
  15. 4/6/23-4/9/23: Asian American Studies Conference in Long Beach, CA, “Sustainable Publics”
  16. 5/30/23-6/3/23: National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in Higher Education calls for presentations for our 35th annual conference (NCORE 2023). NCORE 2023 will be held in New Orleans, More info:
  17. 8/17/23-8/21/23: American Sociological Association, “The Educative Power of Sociology,”
  18. TBA National Association of Chicana/o Studies in 2023 – Denver, CO potential site. More info:
  19. Symposium on Charles Mills and the Racial Contract, special issue of the Sociology of Race and Ethnicity Volume 8, Issue 4, October 2022 visit:

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