Call for Submissions to Geneology Journal

Call for Submissions to Geneology Journal [article image]

When: Mon, Mar 15 2021 12:00am - Mon, Mar 15 2021 12:00am 

Call for Submissions

Special Issue "What’s Your “Street Race?” Cartographies and Ontologies of “Race” and the Future of Knowledge Production on Inequality, Resistance and Social Justice"

A special issue of Genealogy

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 March 2021.

This issue invites essays from scholars from multiple disciplines to engage in on-going, critical and self-implicating, reflexivity about the meaning of race and how “race” is conceptualized in their own work and within their discipline, workplace, institutions and structural arrangements at the local, national and global levels.

Consider how you would respond to the following question: If you were walking down the street, what race do you think strangers would automatically assume you were based on what you look like? “Street race” is an important aspect of a person’s experiences for understanding the dynamics of inequality and resistance. We invite you to engage in on-going, critical and self-implicating reflexivity about the meaning of race in your life as relationships of power do shape one’s reality of identity.

The goal of this special issue is to publish promising current work on “race.” This special issue is an invitation to rethink many of the key concepts in scholarship on as real ground-level political practice.

Broadly conceived, the editorial team is interested in articles that provide insights on the debates between race and ethnicity as interchangeable concepts, the relationship of race to the human genome and the value added or complexities of employing more than one conceptualization and/or measure of race.

All work should clarify how their unique contribution helps us to understand the importance of conceptualizations of race for understanding and creating solutions for eliminating inequality at the individual, interpersonal, institutional, structural and/or global levels.

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