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When: Fri, Aug 21 2020 12:00am

Where: Online

DSA2020 Virtually@Hostos: IX Biennial Dominican Studies Association Conference

4-5 December 2020, Hostos Community College, CUNY, Bronx, New York

Call for Proposals (Papers and Panels)


Crisis of Truth, State of Emergency, and Social Responses:

The Urgency of Dominican and Ethnic Studies in the Present Hour


Research on the experience of people of Dominican ancestry—in Hispaniola/Dominican Republic, the United States, and elsewhere in the world—has produced indispensable bodies of knowledge and critical perspectives in multiple disciplines and inside and outside the academy internationally. On this 9th iteration of its biennial conference, the Dominican Studies Association (DSA) seeks to stimulate dialogue among scholars, artists, and cultural activists working on Dominican subjects across the world on the contributions which their distinct field has made toward greater awareness of the complex issues of social relations in countries across the Western hemisphere to this day. Has the field shed further light on the inequity prevailing in the Americas in connection with class, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexualities, politics, disability, claims to national belonging, citizenship, and cultural heritage, among other sites of injustice and exclusion?


The current global pandemic has required us to hold this DSA conference on a virtual platform. When applicable, prospective presenters may use this juncture to foreground issues in the present health crisis that rise to visibility in distinct ways when seen from the perspective of Dominican studies or related fields. That is, we invite colleagues to share work that they were doing prior to the advent of the health crisis, and we welcome work that could contribute insights into our COVID-19 panorama. However, a focus on the pandemic is not required, and proponents of panels or papers wishing to share work that is prompted specifically by COVID-19 should formulate their research questions in a manner that makes clear their link to Dominican studies.



DSA2020 Virtually@Hostos is pleased to invite paper and panel proposals on topics linked to the conference theme, including, but not limited to, the following:


History, Citizenship, and Belonging

Alternative Facts and Historical Memory in Peril

The Assault on Truth and the Classroom

Social Media as Enablers or Deterrents of Inclusive Publics

Digital Surveillance and Democracy under Siege

Scholarly Truth vs Viral Falsehoods in Cyberspace

Independent Press and Critical Citizenship

Ethno-Racial Antipathies Promoted from Above

Critical Patriotism and Inclusive Nationalism

Inclusive Paradigms of Citizenship

The Enduring Appeal of Cultural Trujillismo

Dominican Scholarship and Civic Engagement

Advances in Citizenship and Belonging in the Diaspora



Earth Sciences, the Climate Crisis, and Predatory Public Policy

Climate Crisis: Environment, Global Health, and the Future of the Species

The Growing Disappearance of Green Spaces

The Cession of Protected Areas to Polluting Industries


The Humanities, Education, and the Arts

Literature and Humane Solidarity

Dominicans in the Theater, Film, and TV Industries

Dominican Entertainers in Alternative Venues and Media

Education and Humane Solidarity

Museums, Visual Arts, and Inclusive Publics


Diaspora, Economy, Empowerment

The Dominican Presence in Business and Finance

The Dominican Presence in US Legislatures

Dominicans and the Law: From Behind Bars to the Bench

Does Voting Yield Empowering Public Policy Always?

Assessing the Gains/Losses of Dominican Empowerment



The Status of Ethnic Studies in the Ivy League

Dique hablamo’ mal”: Language and Identity in Dominican Society

Labeling Social Justice Advocates anti-dominicanos and traidores.

The Language of Dominicanyorks in the eyes of the DR Middle Class


Dominican Studies in the Wake of COVID-19:

  • COVID-19’s Impact on Existing Structural Barriers Affecting Poor Communities
  • The Technology, Education and Employment Gap vis-à-vis the Global Pandemic
  • Asthma, Diabetes, Obesity, Poor Diet, Mental Health in a Global Pandemic
  • Dominican Women as First Respondents in the Global Pandemic
  • Death, Funeral Rites, Mass Burial, and Absent Bereaved in the Pandemic
  • COVID-19 as Great Equalizer (i.e., even Boris Johnson can get it)
  • COVID-19 as Great Divider (i.e., racism against Asian-descended people)


Please submit a 300-word abstract of your paper or panel in English or Spanish by 21 August 2020 using the form provided here ( Proposals should include institutional affiliation (if any) and current contact information for each participant. You will know by September 15, 2020 if the Program Committee has accepted your proposal. Notices of acceptance will include details about the virtual platform used by the conference and the technology relevant to your paper or panel. If you need further information, you may reach us at  

Conference Registration

This year, due to the biennial’s online format, we are offering the conference free of charge for both participants and panelists. Instead, we are kindly asking for a $30 donation to help offset the cost for the 2022 DSA Biennial Conference. Your donation will help cover costs for venue rental, security, lunch, reception, among other expenses incurred in the planning of our conference.

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