Institute for the Study of "Race" and Social Justice General Meeting

When: Tue, Sep 22 2020 4:00pm - Tue, Sep 22 2020 5:00pm 

Where: Zoom

Institute for the Study of "Race" & Social Justice General Meetings Fall 2020 (Agenda forthcoming:
Tues. 9/22, 4-5pm MST Topics: Info on New Race and Social Justice Undergrad Certificate; Students Experiences & Race and Social Justice

Discussion Topics: 

*NEW Race and Social Justice Undergrad Certificate Available Now*

*Academic Freedom for Race & Social Justice Knowledge Projects Across the Disciplines for Students, Part-Time Instructors, Tenure-Track Faculty

Academic Freedom for Whom and for What? Who Benefits?



 For more information and to join the RACE_SOCIAL_JUSTICE listserve visit Institute Website:, page down and click "connect now."


  1. Indigenous Territorial Acknowledgement: What does it mean to walk the talk?
  2. Approve Agenda; Welcome; Introductions and Sign in
  3. 2020 Census - last day to be counted 9/30/20 (very likely to extended into October pending federal court decision 9/17/20). Visit - see attached info postcard and info re: FREE 2020 Census Raffle - More info below. Also, don't forget to request your Absentee ballot for Voting - See info pasted below.
  4. Updates: Thank you to VP Assata Zerai & Division of Equity and Inclusion (DEI) for inviting the Institute to join the DEI family. We express our gratitude to all who have been part of our extended familia & community of practice for Supporting the Institute over the years (established Jan. 2009). We are preparing a Mellon Grant Application for their Limited Grant Opportunity: Just Futures - Racial Justice Application by due 9/21/20 for continuing to building on our collective work in cultivating enduring institutional transformation for advancing racial justice at UNM and beyond.
  5. Guest Speaker: Conversations with Farah Nousheen, Undergraduate Staff Advisor for Newly Establish Race and Social Justice Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Certificate. *BRING YOUR QUESTIONS*Come and ask your questions about this unique opportunity to benefit from interdisciplinary insights to race and social justice. More info: or email Academic Advisor Farah Nousheen ( (4 classes/3 different departments). The 15-credit Race and Social Justice Graduate Certificate has been in existence for four years (5 classes/4 different departments). It is open to anyone with a BA or higher (current and non-UNM students and community members). Both are the first race and social justice interdisciplinary certificates in the country! More info:, click "certificate."
  6. Guest Speakers: Conversations with Professor Mary Quinn and Professor Mike Ryan, UNM Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee 


*Academic Freedom for Race & Social Justice Knowledge Projects Across the Disciplines for Students, Part-Time Instructors, Tenure-Track Faculty

Academic Freedom for Whom and for What? Who Benefits? What knowledge, epistemologies, ontologies, methods and praxis count?

What are the contours of Academic Freedom for Race & Social Justice Scholarship, Knowledge Projects, Creative Works & Teaching

Across the Disciplines for Students, Part-Time Instructors, Tenure-Track Faculty?

What resources exist for those who may be experiencing challenges or barriers to my academic freedom when pursuing their degrees, engaging in

interdisciplinary race and social justice knowledge projects or creative works, community based participatory engaged scholarship and teaching? 

Ten years from know how will we know that we have been successful in protecting  academic freedom for race and social justice scholarship and teaching?

What questions remain for you?

  1. Next Meeting: T 10/27, 4-5pm (*ZOOM FORTHCOMING*, Suggested Topics for Discussion / Agenda Items Always Welcome! Other Updates? Grant Opportunities, Teaching, Classes, Community Engagement on Race and Social Justice? Please send to for posting under our events calendar.
  2. Announcements & Events: *Reminder: Last day to be counted in 2020 Census is 9/30/20. Thank you for mobilizing for a complete count for New Mexico!!!*

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