2020 Census

How'd we do in New Mexico?

In 2020, New Mexico had a 58.7% self-response rate compared to 60% in 2010, but we had Covid-19 and a tremendous amount of political news surrounding the 2020 census.

As we wait for the Census tabulations to be delivered, we will keep an eye out for a release of estimates on the quality of the data collected:

  • There is the CQR – Count Quality Review program. Date October 1, 2021 Any government can challenge housing units that they feel have been incorrectly located outside their boundary or the boundary for them is in correct and when moved adds housing units.
  • Also, we are awaiting the final results of Administrative Records program and how many units population was estimated from them. As of October 16, they reported 13.9% of NRFU nationwide was done using administrative records.

Check out the Census Bureau’s last release as of October 28, 2020.

The Census Bureau used the 99.9% Enumerated total to encourage the resolution of court cases in the administration's favor.

While they do document the Nonresponse Followup Enumeration items they don’t note how many of the “Closed” or Completed cases were due to administrative records estimating a household's data.

Nor does this document discuss how self-response data tends to be more accurate than enumerated and administrative estimates data.

2020 Census on the Census.gov website

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