(LOCAL) Inclusive Hiring Practices Presented by Val Day-Sánchez

When: Sat, Feb 16 2019 10:00am - Sat, Feb 16 2019 5:00pm 

Where: National Hispanic Cultural Center 1701 4th St SW, Albuquerque, NM

Inclusive Hiring Practices 

40 years after Affirmative Action and Blacks and Hispanics are less represented at Top Colleges than they were 35 years ago. What does that say about our places of employment? How many of us would hire an Ivy League graduate over a state school grad? Already our hiring pools have become less diverse, with one preference. How many of us would like to hire "the best candidate," or "the right fit?" How does such terminology effect our judgments and perceptions towards applicants? Perhaps you have been hiring "diverse" candidates. People of color, people living a with a disability, someone who identifies with the LGBTQ community, does that mean your work is done? NO because diversity is our greatest strength, but only when it is met with inclusion. Hiring marginalized group members is extremely important but it is only the start. We must also ensure that who we hire, especially if they are already marginalized, feels included, listened to respected, but above all- safe. Be on the right side of history and join author, podcast host, and TEDX speaker, Val Day-Sánchez as they share how to utilize inclusive hiring practices.

Val's TEDx Talk: Silence is Killing Us

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