Association of Black Sociologists Annual Conference

When: Thu, Aug 09 2018 12:00am - Sat, Aug 11 2018 12:00am 

Where: Sonesta Hotel | 1800 Market Street Philadelphia, PA

Join Us for the 46th Annual Conference: Black Sociology Matters! 2018 Annual Conference: The New Black Sociologists

Since the 1974 publication of The Black Sociologist (edited by James Blackwell and Morris Janowitz) social scientists have time and again demonstrated the persistence of enduring patterns of racial segregation at the residential, political and even regional level and across Higher Education in particular. Where the 1974 book offered an unassessed hope about the numbers of Black sociologists that would follow its release, in the contemporary context Black sociology and sociologists by proxy continue to occupy a precarious status within and outside of the academy and discipline. Thus the goal of the conference is to bring together a diverse range of scholars, scholarship, critical race theories and perspectives to assess, confess and trouble the enduring patterns of isolation and intellectual segregation under which Black sociology and sociologists are being produced. Papers and panels selected under the theme The New Black Sociologists will also focus on the contemporary moment with especial attention and analysis rooted in the recent rise of the #BlackLivesMatter and the movement for Black Lives, Assata’s Daughters, the Black Youth Project and myriad racial and social justice activisms in the Obama Age. How are Black sociologists minding the scholar-activist tradition?  What are the new stakes for Black sociology in the Obama and Trump age?  Proposals and papers considering  theoretical issues while also recognizing and evaluating major conceptual and intellectual contributions Black sociologists have made in a range of areas from religion, to class, to feminist studies, and urban research (among many other areas) are welcomed.

Link: 2018 Annual Conference: The New Black Sociologists