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Partial List of Intersectionality Race, Gender, Class Institutes, Centers, Consortium and Journals

Consortium on Race, Gender and Ethnicity (CRGE), established in 1999
University of California-Davis

Consortium on Race, Gender and Ethnicity (CRGE), established 2001
University of Maryland
Dr. Ruth Zambrana, Director

New Mexico Race, Gender Class Data Policy Consortium, Established  2014
University of New Mexico
Dr. Nancy López, Coordinator and Founder

Race, Gender and Class Journal, established 1996
University of New Orleans
Dr. Jean Ait Belkhir, Director and Founder

Research Institute for the Study of Intersectionality and Social Transformation, established 2016
University of Southern California
Dr. Ange Marie Hancock, Executive Director and Founder

Institute for Intersectionality Research and Policy, established 2005
Simon Fraser University
Dr. Olena Hankivsky, Director